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Air Handlers for Verde Valley, AZ

Air handlers are large metal box components that help distribute cooled or heated air throughout your home. Needless to say, they serve an important role in maintaining comfortable temperatures and have other benefits as well.

If you need to fix an air handler in your home or install a brand-new one, Fiscor Heating & Cooling will be happy to help. Our family-owned and operated company has all the experience and equipment necessary to assist with all your air handler needs!

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The Many Benefits of Air Handlers

Consistent Temperatures and Comfort

Air handlers excel in circulating cooled or heated air throughout your home for consistent indoor comfort. By utilizing a constant torque motor, an efficient air handler optimizes airflow to ensure a uniform temperature across all rooms.

Throughout the entire heating season, this system works in tandem with heat pumps or air conditioners to effectively displace hot air with conditioned air, mitigate temperature discrepancies, and eliminate hot spots. The innovative technology behind these systems supports single-stage airflow and variable speed settings, which adapt to seasonal demands to maintain desirable indoor conditions throughout the year.

Reduced Energy Consumption

By incorporating innovative technology such as the electronic expansion valve and variable speed capabilities, air handlers stand out for their energy efficiency. Using an efficient air handler elevates the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of your air conditioning system, which is a measure that denotes how efficiently it operates.

The precise operation of variable speed models minimizes the unnecessary use of auxiliary electric heat and lowers operational costs significantly compared to older single-speed units. By adjusting the stage airflow to match exact heating and cooling needs, these units ensure maximum efficiency and serve as an eco-friendly option that curtails energy use and associated emissions.

Improved Dehumidification

Air handlers maintain optimal humidity levels inside homes, which is crucial for both comfort and health, by efficiently partnering with the air conditioning system’s evaporator coil. This coil, integral to the air handling unit, condenses moisture from the air as it passes over, effectively reducing humidity levels.

An advanced air handler with multi-speed or variable speed options allows for extended operation at lower speeds, which enhances this dehumidification process without an over-reliance on electric heat or compromising the indoor temperature. It’s also worth noting that this extended operation helps to stabilize the humidity level, which prevents the discomfort high humidity can cause.

Better IAQ

As air circulates through the system, it passes through an air filter, which traps particles and pollutants like pollen, dust, and other allergens, preventing them from re-entering the indoor environment. Some high-efficiency air handlers include HEPA filters or additional advanced filtration systems, which are capable of capturing even finer particles, thereby drastically enhancing the cleanliness of the airflow. The continuous renewal of indoor air — facilitated by the constant air flow through these filters — ensures that you can enjoy a healthier living space free from airborne contaminants.

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