Furnace Replacement & Installation

Furnace Replacement & Installation

Are you planning on installing a new furnace and aren’t sure where to start? Then reach out to the team at Fiscor Heating & Cooling — backed by years of experience handling natural gas furnace replacements, we strive to provide clients with efficient and exceptional service so that they won’t have to live without heating for longer than necessary.

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Common Reasons Why Furnaces Need to Be Replaced

Furnace replacement becomes necessary for various reasons, with one of the most common being its age. Old furnaces, especially those over 15-20 years old, tend to lose energy efficiency — resulting in higher heating costs. Additionally, frequent repairs due to worn-out components can lead to higher maintenance costs.

Another reason is a decline in efficiency ratings, which means the furnace is no longer as environmentally friendly or cost-effective. Furthermore, if the heat exchanger in a gas furnace develops cracks, it poses a serious carbon monoxide risk — necessitating an immediate replacement.

How to Determine Whether Your Furnace Should Be Replaced or Repairs

Determining whether to opt for furnace repair or replacement depends on several factors. For instance, the actual cost of the repair should be weighed against the furnace replacement cost, considering its age and type (e.g., gas furnace, oil furnace, or electric furnace).

In addition, energy bills and heating costs should be analyzed. If the furnace is old and has low-efficiency ratings, it might be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new and high-efficiency model, which can save money on monthly bills and offer potential tax credits for energy efficiency.

If You Ever Need to Replace a Furnace, Call a Professional

Opting for a DIY furnace replacement may seem tempting to save on labor costs, but it’s generally best to call a professional. Modern heating systems are complex, and installation involves proper sizing, ductwork, and gas or electrical connections that require expertise. It’s also worth noting that making a mistake can lead to safety hazards and costly repairs. 

Furthermore, shipping costs for furnace units and specialized tools can add to the final cost. An HVAC professional can also ensure the new furnace integrates seamlessly with your existing heating and cooling system for optimal performance.

The Benefits of Installing a Brand New Furnace

Installing a new and modern furnace offers numerous benefits. For example, it significantly improves energy efficiency, reduces energy bills, and makes your home more environmentally friendly. Newer, high-efficiency furnaces are capable of evenly distributing heated air throughout your home, enhancing comfort even in a cold climate.

Moreover, a new furnace comes with warranties and requires less annual maintenance, reducing long-term heating costs. Overall, furnace replacement with a modern unit not only enhances your home’s value but also ensures your heating system operates efficiently and safely.

We’re Proud to Help With Furnace Replacements in the Following Areas:

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Whether you’re interested in electric or natural gas furnaces, the team at Fiscor Heating & Cooling has the necessary tools and training to ensure that your new heating system is installed efficiently and without error. To learn more about how we can help you install a new furnace unit and to schedule your installation, give us a call today.